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Basement Finishing Services

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Basement - is that part of the house where water often accumulates. In the basement can enter ground water, rain water and water produced by the melting of snow and moisture from leaking water and sewer pipes.

Meanwhile, the water in the basement causing considerable damage to both the building and all who live in it or running. First of all, the water eroding the foundations of the building, and evaporates and enters the superior room and violates their microclimate. Also, the water in the basement complicates repair and communications equipment and makes it impossible to use Helpful basements.

In order to isolate the basement from the ground water and the water coming from atmospheric deposition, requires a reliable basement waterproofing. Our construction company provides basement waterproofing, using the most advanced materials.

Renovated Finish basement-work for professionals

When repair work in the basement of the following work:

1. Elimination of groundwater;
2. Recovery waterproofing;
3. The application of antifungal coverage;
4. Grouting and sealing of cracks and dents in the walls of the basement, the replacement of the wooden parts of the building;
5. Masonry pressing wall of bricks (if necessary);
6. Restoring the blind area, compaction and soil stabilization near the house (with dips).

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