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Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Repairs in the bathroom is probably the most responsible. Because the bathroom is the only place in the house with high humidity. So when renovating a bathroom, these features need to pay special attention. When selecting the materials you need to be moisture-resistant materials.

Renovated bathroom-work for professionals

Bathroom Renovations divided in 3 stages:

1. The first stage of repair in the bathroom - it's thinking through the details. Think about what you want to see your bathroom and find the optimal ratio of the budget with their ideas.
2. The second step - a cleansing of the walls, floor and ceiling of the old tiles. The work is dirty and dusty, but a necessary one. From the walls also need to clean off the paint, if any. After that, clean the walls should be primed, and putty to cover the wiring.
3. The third stage - replacing drainage, water supply and riser. You should not skimp on this because the old pipes often manifest themselves at the most inopportune moment.

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