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Home remodeling

«IRM Remodeling LLC» know perfectly well what want to see their homes happy owners of private houses:

  • comfortable;
  • favorable;
  • functional;
  • heartwarming;
  • and beautiful!

Our partnership begins with an explanation of the tasks that the owner of a house or condominium wanted to solve with the help of repair. We also discuss the existing requirements for the repair work and cost expectations of the customer.

If you only need to quickly refresh the atmosphere in the house, to remove any cosmetic defects (such as floor coverings or wall), then we move on to discuss the details of decoration. In the course of the work will be only slightly changed the look of the surfaces may be replaced doors, plumbing, etc.

Drastic changes often required when buying a condominium on the secondary market. Your own house will give the family a maximum tranquility. But regardless of the status of the acquired property always want to tweak it "for themselves", that life here has become even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Stand in the same style design of all rooms homeownership - a task that must be addressed by professionals. For a harmonious perception of the house as a whole still needs competent design project that will help make your home comfortable, functional and safe. The company «IRM Remodeling LLC» takes its preparation and the further implementation of the facility during the execution of all phases of repair and decoration works.

Elaborate general concept of the house will allow us to replace the flooring, redevelop, the replacement of utilities (electricity, water, air conditioning and heating), a quality of finish and equip the home security system, but if you want the client - and a set of "smart home".